President Trump did not lie when he said the meeting in the Trump Tower with Natalia Veselnitskaya was about adopting children and Donald Trump, Jr. did not lie when he said the meeting was for the purpose of obtaining negative research on Hilary Clinton.  The meeting was about adopting Russian children which was stopped by Putin when Congress voted for the Magnitsky Act.  As President Trump said, the meeting in the Trump Tower was to get negative info on Hilary.  Just as Trump Jr. said, he agreed to the meeting because Veselnitskaya promised to give him negative information on Hilary Clinton.  There is nothing wrong with that.  It would only be wrong if the Russians made or promised to make a contribution to Trump's campaign which did not happen.  Hilary Clinton to millions of dollars in contributions to the Clinton Charitable Foundation in exchange for favors she gave to foreign countries including selling 20% of America's strategic uranium to Russia in what is as the "Uranium One" scandal.


Putting money in foreign banks is not illegal.  The reason for putting money in a Cypres Bank may be illegal but is also useful for legal purposes, esp. for taking advantage of the low income tax in Cypres.  You can start a corporation in Cypress and you only have to pay 1% income tax instead of 50% income tax in the  USA.  This is why Bill Browder, the author of the Magnitsky Act, gave up his U.S. citizenship to move to England.  The US likes to indict people for these Cypress bank accounts but there is nothing illegal about them and that is why Vesel Nayatskaya legitimately defended honest brokers against the United States Communist Regime which confiscates bank accounts without due process.


Prevezon Holdings, allegedly used laundered money to acquire New York real estate. The money was believed to be the product of sham lawsuits in Russia and elsewhere; the scheme was discovered and reported by investor Bill Browder and Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky.


Russia's response to the Magnitsky Act was to stop adoptions of Russian children to Americans.  Putin said he would not allow Russian children to be brought up in a country where bank accounts could be confiscated without due process.


Under Communism, Russia attempted to rule the world.  This, and their death rate of 65 million White Christian Russians, including nailing priests to the wooden doors of churches, made Communism anathema to the United States.  After the wall came down Russia has not been expansionistic except to reestablish their former Russian empire. Today, Russia is more Christian (meaning civilized) than the United States.


The Communists promote the idea that people should not be proud to be a cog in the machine of capitalism.  They characterize honest labor as "working your fingers to the bone to serve the interests of people who make thousands of times more money than you."  They promote open borders to promote world wide Communism which wants to take money from the civilized countries and support the profligate reproductive habits on the Third World which, if not curtailed, threatens all life on the planet.  Communists do not like birth control because they want to kill people in wars that make money for the military-industrial complex.  Bringing down the birth rate will relieve the competition for the world's resources which will remove the need for violence.


Naturally Jared Kirschner wants to have private meetings with Russia without letting the Communist deep state listen in.  The Communists are warmongers, not peacemakers.  It is better for the cause of peace not to let warmongers listen in on peace making negotiations.