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The Tipton Three is the collective name given to three young men from Tipton, United Kingdom, who were held in extrajudicial detention for 2 years in Guantanamo Bay detainment camps in Cuba.

Ruhal Ahmen, born on March 11, 1981, Asif Igbal, born April 24, 1981 and Shafig Rasul, born in 1973.  They were captured on a holiday in Afghanistan in 2002 and finally released in March 2004.

The three tell their horrifying of torture in the movie "The Road to Guantanamo" which proves that the United States  




Department of Defense lied lied to the American people and the world about the inhumane conditions at GITMO.  They filed their report on August 4, 2004 describing severe abuse at the Camp, of themselves and others.  They claimed that false confessions were extracted from them under torture, forced to long periods in hot hoods and goggles.  Anyone who has worked in the heat in toxic situations know the hardship of wearing goggles, ear plugs and mouth respirators.  Interrogation used false reports of accusations against the victims, coupled with being slugged for hours if they did not confess to the story the Jewish-Yiddish perpetrators wanted to present to the world much like confessions were extracted from innocent German prison guards and used to construct the holohoax.  The Tipton Three and their fellow prisoners were forced to endure this punishment for months at a time including being changed to the floor and subjected to extremely loud, unholy music.  They alleged that conditions deteriorated when Major General Geoffrey Miller took charge of the camp, including increased periods of solitary confinement for the detainees. They claimed that the abuse took place with the knowledge of the intelligence forces. Their claims are currently being investigated by the British Government.  Hopefully Congressman Joel Waxman will investigate these abuses and put the perpetrators, including our President, Mr. Gonzalez and Mr. Yu, known for their documented memos that authorize the use of torture.

Post-Taliban Kabul blossoms for the rich

The U.S.-led war and the Western-friendly government that was put in place by the Zionists eliminated the rule against children flying kites which the Taliban forbade because they believed it would distract children from reading the Koran.  Now that the primitive fundamentalist Taliban is gone, girls have returned to school. Public beheadings and amputations as punishment for crimes came to an end.  On the other hand, the poppy fields are growing drugs, a lucrative business for the Zionists.

Times in Kabul have changed, benefiting the wealthy Zionists who, conformity to Israel's tradition of bulldozing the houses of the Palestinians in order to build high rise apartment buildings for themselves.  The indigenous Afghanis are expected to roll over and play dead ever since U.S. and British bombs drove the Taliban from the city on the night of Nov. 12-13, 2001.  This was the night that hundreds of innocent Afghan men were taken to Guantanamo Bay to be tortured into admitting to crimes they never committed in order to justify the Zionist take over of Afghanistan.

Now the British-Yiddish-American coalition has totally demolished neighborhoods of indigenous Afghanis, throwing them out into the streets with no jobs and no homes in order to make way for the "new Afghanistan."  Dozens of five-story mansions decorated with gold-painted marble columns and floor-to-ceiling windows flanking grand wooden doors. 

This is what the coalition has done to Afghanistan after routing the primitive Taliban who insisted the ancient rules of the Koran which kept the women down but drugs out of Afghanistan.  The coalition has seized and cleared the land, tossing about 250 Afghanis from their homes in the same manner that the same elements of the coalition had tossed hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homes.  The United Nations opposes the take-over but the coalition leadership does nothing.

The indigenous Afghanis are poorer than ever.  Goats and cows feed off of rotting garbage in the streets while the people live breed without control into families of ten and twelve living in a single-story house of dried mud, straw and pebbles. The children wear cracked plastic sandals and torn clothes with buttons missing.  Mud is used to winterize the homes that have not yet been flattened to make way for more mansions, exactly as in Palestine.  The homes are destroyed and no jobs are available which would give money to the people to build new homes.

Kabul's new Chief of Police Abdul Bassir Salangi, installed by the coalition razed the homes in 2003.  He was rewarded with two houses in the ostentatious subdivision and is now the police chief of eastern Nangarhar province.

Najibullah Siddique, Director of the Afghan charity Afghans for Tomorrow, protests that billions of dollars in foreign aid has poured into Afghanistan without helping the poor.  The money is being used to build mansions for the government people and poor people still live in bad conditions?"  The politicians installed by the coalition make no apology.  "This is the new Afghanistan," they say.  "We are just beginning."  "We are praying for the poor people to have houses like us, but everything belongs to God. God knows better who should be given property and who shouldn't. God gave us this property and we built our houses. We are praying that God will look more favorably on the poor."

Meanwhile the poor are reduced to begging for food and are forced to pay bribes to the tax collector just to have their axes registered.  In the months following the Taliban's collapse there had been signs of a business renaissance. Barbershops, beauty salons and music stores reopened. Afghan exiles returned to start businesses.

But many have since been driven out by runaway corruption, lawlessness and the violence perpetrated by a resurgent Taliban, highlighted by a string of recent suicide bombings in Kabul.  Thus we seen in Afghanistan a repetition of the chaos in Palestine with the barbaric Israeli mongrels destroying the land and reducing the indigenous population to fight back with the only weapon they can develop: bombs strapped to their own bodies which they use to fight the occupiers.


The attack was done by laser beams from a satellite which made the buildings go poof from the top story down in order to preserve the bathtub into which had been built the WTC.  If the bathtub had been damaged, all of lower Manhattan would have been flooded from the Hudson River.  this proves how sophisticated the perpetrators were: certainly not Arabs with boxcutters.

Two tall trees turning into sawdust from the top down.  They did not collapse.  The buildings were destroyed in 9.22 seconds, faster than the speed of free fall in a vacuum and the energy involved was immense.  If you put two grand pianos (nine feet by seven feet by five feet) on the roof and threw one off the roof at the moment the building started to collapse, the piano you threw off the roof would get down in 30 seconds.

The buildings were built in bedrock below the water table of the Hudson River.  To protect lower Manhattan from flooding they built a bathtub around buildings 1 and 2 and some others in the WTC, goes down 7 basement layers.  5000 ton buildings, 1/4 mile tall, collapsing, would break the protective bathtub which makes a sealed container for Bldgs 1 and 2.  The towers are built on bedrock but the bedrock is below the water table of the Hudson River.  The bathtub (steel water container to seal out the water) goes down seven basement layers made up steel and surrounds most of the complex.  The track trains that come over from New Jersey go under the Hudson River and come up onto bedrock in that bathtub.  If you have 5000 ton building falling down on that bedrock you are going to spring a leak in the bathtub and flood lower Manhattan.  The perpetrators knew that they had to protect the bathtub.

You cannot slam down 500,000 ton buildings that are a quarter of a mile high onto the bathtub.  What actually slammed down was enough material to account for seismic reports equal to earthquakes of 3.1 on the Ricktor Scale for Bldg 1 and 3.3 on the Ricktor Scale for the second building that was destroyed recorded at La Monte Duarte but even this data may be filtered by the government since they refuse to release other data.  The two towers weight approximately the same but the Richtor data indicates that one building is twice as heavy as the other.  Earthquakes are measured on a logorythmic scale, so 3.1 has 53% of the energy as 3.3.


The King Dome has been used as a comparison to the WTC.  The King Dome was built on softer ground, the type of ground you get from silt flowing from a river for many years, more like jello, not bedrock, and it made a 2.3 earthquake, even though it was much smaller with much less mass and this jolt would have been bigger had it been built on bedrock.  Since it is identical to the Building 1, with four times the mass so even if the Tower was as short as the King Dome, you would get four times the jolt.  Taking into consideration the fact that the center of mass in relation to the ground, you get seven times the jolt because it is dropping from higher up.  This gives you 30 times the potential energy from the WTC than the King Dome which should give you an earthquake of 8.3.  The key to understanding the whole phenomenon is the concept that you cannot break the seal of the bathtub.  The North Tower created a jolt exactly the same as the King Dome, 2.3.  It should have been 8 times so you would have to decapitate the North Tower by 80%, leaving only the bottom 20 floors, those 20 floors, collapsing would make a 2.3 jolt.  They had to have something left because it would have been as suspicious as if all of the buildings disappeared into thin air.  So 80% of the buildings were decapitated and sucked up into the air.  Tower 2 had a 2.1 earthquake.  It had to go first because of the learning curve.  The bottom 16 floors would have accounted for a 2.1 earthquake if the rest had been decapitated and sucked up.  100% pulverization except for the bottom floors.

The footprint of the WTC is 1/10th as big as the footprint of the King Dome which would definitely have cracked the bathtub. 

It would have cost more to take down the buildings than it did to build them because of the asbestos which had to be remedied by 2007.  You would have to take it apart brick by brick and, in addition, deal with the asbestos.  As early as 1989 they knew that the WTC towers would have to come down because by 2010 to 2015 they would no longer be structurally safe for occupancy.  The price tag to correct both problems, asbestos and galvanic corrosion, was $5.6 billion in 1989 and the project was shelved due to it not being economically feasible.

The only buildings damaged that day had WTC in the prefix.  No other building in the area were damaged by spillage.  The demolition of the WTC was very precise.  The fires that burned for months were not smoke or steam from molten steel, but was the dust wafting from the ground.

Paper and aluminum was not affected because the directed energy weapon only affected steel and concrete just as your microwave oven cooks your food and melts silverware but does not affect paper.

Just as your dentist uses a laser to perfectly cut out parts of your tooth, the laser beam from a satellite can surgically destroyed buildings but you will find some mistakes because this space laser is not going to be perfect so you will find errors as in the case of Bldg. 3.

The wave length they are using is not visual.  Bldg. 3 has a warped roof, evidence of melting.  Grass is intact.  This same weapon was probably used on the Pentagon.  They did part of 3 while they were doing 2, but this was probably a mistake.  They wanted to handle 3 the same way they handled 6.  They blew up 4 almost completely.  The mall under Bldg 4 was not damaged except in places. 

If the buildings had fallen due to gravity, you would expect to see 12% of 110 floors on the ground instead of right down to the ground.