“Unlike the United States or Europe, Japan is reluctant to allow in cheap foreign laborers." 

As the country’s population ages rapidly and its workforce shrinks, care workers may be hard to come by, so researchers are trying to develop the ultimate personal care givers: robots.

Number of births in Japan up again

TOKYO - The number of babies born in Japan rose for the seventh straight month in August, the government said Friday, raising hopes for an upturn in the country's plunging annual birthrate and declining population.

To encourage women to have more babies, the government started a project to build more day care centers, while encouraging men to take paternity leave. Amid changing lifestyles, many single women are delaying or forgoing marriage to pursue careers.


SENATOR MCCARTHY: Mr. Jenkins, the thing that I think we must remember is that this is a war which a brutalitarian force has won to a greater extent than any brutalitarian force has won a war in the history of the world before.

For example, Christianity, which has been in existence for 2,000 years, has not converted, convinced nearly as many people as this Communist brutalitarianism has enslaved in 106 years, and they are not going to stop.

I know that many of my good friends seem to feel that this is a sort of a game you can play, that you can talk about communism as though it is something 10,000 miles away.

Mr. Jenkins, in answer to your question, let me say it is right here with us now. Unless we make sure that there is no infiltration of our Government, then just as certain as you sit there, in the period of our lives you will see a red world. There is no question about that, Mr. Jenkins. . . ." 

MR. WELCH:  Senator. You have done enough. Have you no sense of decency sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?

Source: "The Army-McCarthy Hearings, 1954," in Robert D. Marcus and Anthony Marcus, eds., On Trail: American History Through Court Proceedings and Hearings, vol. II, (St. James, New York: Brandywine Press, 1998), 136–51.  http://historymatters.gmu.edu/d/6444/


“In the 1920’s a failed Austrian painter published a book in which he explained his intention to build an Aryan super-state in Germany and take revenge on Europe and eradicate the Jews.  The world ignored Hitler’s words, and paid a terrible price.”  President Bush October 6, 2006

Hitler was not a failed painter, he made a living painting buildings which only 5% of all painters who have sold paintings can say.  Also, Hitler did not want to eradicate the Jews, he just wanted them out of Germany.  Hitler did not want to build a super-state, he just wanted to protect the Aryan race from going extinct.


Menachem Begin (1919-1952) the Stern Gang attacked Deir Yassin, a village with about 750 Palestinian residents.  He also organized the attack on the King David Hotel where Israelis, dressed like Arabs, took bombs hidden in milk cans into the hotel.

David Ben Gurion (1886-1973).  Israel's first and third prime minister, instrumental in founding the State of Israel.  Wrote to his son in 1937 that "The Arabs will have to go, but one needs an opportune moment for making it happen, such as a war.”

Golda Meir, (1898-1978) One of the founders of Israel, fourth Prime Minister to Israel, told the Sunday Times June 15, 1969 “There is no such thing as a Palestinian people... It is not as if we came and threw them out and took their country. They didn't exist.”



Yitzhak Rabin, Fifth Prime Minister to Israel. 


Shimon Peres, 8th Prime Minister of Israel.  Born in Poland 1923, immigrated to Palestine 1934, eighth Prime Minister of Israel from 1984-1986 and 1995-1996.

Yitzhak Shamir Prime Minister of Israel from 1983 to 1984 and again from 1986 to 1992


Ariel Sharon.  Prime Minister from March 2001 until April 2006.   Israell fired three rocket missiles from a U.S.-supplied helicopter at the break of day, on a procession of 15 Palestinians returning home after dawn prayers in a nearby mosque, killing SHEIKH YASSIN, a holy man in his 90's.

Photo to the left shows Sheik Yassin three days before he was assassinated March 23, 2004 by Sharon's men. The UN Security Council failed to pass a resolution condemning Yassin's assassination because the United States vetoed it.  This is only one of over 300 resolutions signed by every member of the Security Council condemning Israel which were vetoed by the United States.



U.S. Financial Aid To Israel:

Figures, Facts, and Impact

Benefits to Israel of U.S. Aid
Since 1949 (As of November 1, 1997)

Foreign Aid Grants and Loans

Other U.S. Aid (12.2% of Foreign Aid)

Interest to Israel from Advanced Payments

Grand Total

Total Benefits per Israeli

November 20, 1963 the United Nations General Assembly passed Resolution 1904 proclaiming the United Nations Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, and in particular its affirmation that "any doctrine of racial differentiation or superiority is scientifically false, morally condemnable, socially unjust and dangerous" and its expression of alarm at "the manifestations of racial discrimination still in evidence in some areas in the world, some of which are imposed by certain Governments by means of legislative, administrative or other measures." 



Cost to U.S. Taxpayers of U.S.
Aid to Israel

Grand Total

Interest Costs Borne by U.S.

Total Cost to U.S. Taxpayers

Total Taxpayer Cost per Israeli
$23,240 per year








Micro-nukes, and Thermate were used in the demolition of the WTC, evidenced by the weight of the buildings, the way the debris fell and the cancer rates following the demolition.  This was also true of the demolition of the Murrah Building which was demolished in Oklahoma City.

August 1958 the U.S. declassified the fact that we had developed atomic munitions suitable for use in demolition work.

1961.  US had the neutron bomb.  Destroys living creatures, not buildings, used in the Battle of Bagdad at the airport, cover up story Jessica Lynch.


1967 Studies for minimizing the emerging flux of neutrons and internal induced activity: gamma rays, neutron rays, beta rays.  They can select whichever ray they want to come out of a hydrogen bomb.  You can cut down blast and heat from a megaton bomb.

1976.  Weapons successfully developed with minimum residual radiation, MRR, meaning bombs which produce a very small amount of radiation.

Bombs capable of bursting 1000 times Hiroshima and 1/1000th times Hiroshima.

Widespread cancer in responders, huge volume.  Rates of death in animals, people in Manhattan unbelievable.   Radioactive site with asbestos.  Cancer showing up in kids sent back to school one mile from ground zero.  Cancer takes 6-7 years to develop.

Molten steel on site, red hot glowing steel removed from debris days and weeks after the attack.  Temperatures over 2000 degrees five weeks after the attack in the base of 1, 2 and 6.

Molten steel blocks away, cars with doors welded to frame on one side but not affected on the other side evidences thermonuclear heat, not radiant heat.

Massive steel beams, 270 tons thrown 390 feet.  Another pile of steel beams weight more than that thrown 600 feet.

Arosolorized metals in the vaporized dust material called molecular disassociation, not pulverized, but disintegrated, molecularized into nanno particles, less than 50 microns in size.  Steel beams were molecularized into nanno particles.  Two billion pounds of dust spread across Manhattan.  Each building had 5000 tons of asbestos.  The buildings were built to withstand earthquakes that would bring down every other building in the country, taught in architectural schools as the strongest buildings in the world.  The outer beams were built to withstand 2000 times their load and still stand.  The blast had the power to hurl these steel beams a distance of three football fields.

Elevated Tritium levels, a radio isotope used in fusion bombs.

Vaporized victims.  More than 1000 people never identified because they were vaporized like in Hiroshima where shadows were burned onto walls of concrete.

Electro magnetic Pulse.  Power outages all over Manhattan including telephones, electrical circuits, radios electricity evidence of EMP.  Dust would not do that.  Nukes destroy everything electrical and mechanical.  Arc weld fuses dissimilar metals.

Missiles were thrown 1600 feet from ground zero.  Chunks of steel from a supposedly pancaking building.

Analyst from Finland stated that it would take a hydrogen bomb to take down the central steel cores of the buildings.

Audio record of massive explosion just prior to the blast.

Seismic record of massive explosion just prior to the blast.

Multiple people 8-10 blocks from ground zero were thrown off their feet.

Building 7 obviously demolished in the classic manner (ground to top) as opposed to Buildings 1 and 2 which were exploded from top to bottom, explaining why it could collapse at less than speed of gravity.  Records were destroyed in Mayor's command center in building 7, as were records in the Naval section of the Pentagon.

Prevention of examination of wreckage, even engineers assigned to investigate were not allowed to investigate and steel was taken away immediately to China.  Samples picked up by passers by showed thermate which cuts steel but does not move girders.

Low yeild radiation. 


Arabs with box cutter.  Motive:  Hate our freedoms, hate our relationship with Israel, stealing land, torturing male adolescents, incarcerating three generations of Palestinians.

American corporations.  Motive.  Money for Haliburton: destroying and rebuilding Iraq.

Israel.  Motive:  Greater Israel, destruction of America.  Habit:  King David Hotel, La Vonne Affair, USS Liberty.  Israelis dressed up like Arabs attacking America.  Opportunity: Heavy infiltration into US intelligence community.

Building a wall around US a "huge error" warns Mexican president-elect Felipe Calderon.  Is this a declaration of war?

AFP - 10/26/06

OTTAWA - The United States committed a "huge error" in choosing to build a wall between itself and its southern neighbor, Mexico's president-elect Felipe Calderon said during a state visit to Canada, comparing it with the Berlin Wall. "The wall will not solve any problem. Humanity made a huge mistake by building the Berlin Wall, and I believe that today the United States is committing a grave error in building the wall on our border," he said.