The tendency in these troubled times is to become paranoid and bring about our own destruction.  The only cure for paranoia is love from fellow-sufferers.  Terrible Tommy Metzger, Hal Turner and the other senior members of the group warn against the dangers of isolation which leads to arrogance and paranoia.  It is dangerous to believe that you have a patent on the truth.  Recently our own Christopher Bollyn confronted the cops and was arrested. 


Christopher Bollyn  His tireless and courageous investigation into the Jews, not grounded in racial identity, has worn him down to a full blown paranoid.  Instead of helping him in his hour of need, his non-white friends are attacking him for falling short of their heroic view of him.

Daryl Bradford Smith - Sincere and brilliant.  His relationship with Eric Hufschmid is sizzling with creativity.  Like Hufschmid, Smith does not know he's a white man.  He refuses alliances with white people which isolates him when he needs his own people most.

Michael Collins Piper.   Cutting Edge writer connecting JFK Assassination with 9/11.  Does not analyze things in racial terms.


Victor Thorn and Lisa Juliani.  Jews moving into the movement,  attacking anyone who notices their obvious Jewish traits.  Like a virus, they have lurked outside of the 9/11 Truth Movement, waiting for an opportunity to get in.  Having attacked Bollyn, they are now moving into his position.  These bacilli will ally themselves with anti-white elements in the movement until they form a tumor which will threaten the health of the white body politic.


Alex Jones.  A Primitive Christian married to a Jewess, he does not believe the Jews are the problem.  Blames the upper class white elite (The Masons) for 9/11.


Eustace Mullins.  Handsome man of the last century.  Every inch a gentleman and a scholar.



Willis Carto.  Cut from the same cloth as Eustace Mullins.  Where are the pure white children of these men to help us today?